Everybody knows that investing in real estate is “as safe as houses”, right?

There are risks that you should consider such as fire, floods, storms, accidental damage, and burglary to name a few, which can be protected with the right insurance policy. Property ownership is a great achievement and a big investment,and it’s important that you adequately protect your investment.

At Stress Free Insurance we have access to the highest quality property insurance policies on the market, including comprehensive accidental damage policies, and we’ll tailor a policy to suit your property insurance needs.

Please click here for an online calculator to calculate the estimated cost of rebuilding your own home or domestic investment property.

Who can be covered:

Owners of commercial property and commercial landlords
Residential landlords

Residential home-owners

What will be protected:

Damage to building and contents caused by fire, floods, storms, and accidental damage

Loss of rent due to tenant default or due to major damages to the building

Legal liability for personal injury and property damage, and personal liability

Burglary, theft, motor burnout, and intentional damage by tenants

Types of Cover

Commercial Property
Commercial property cover is for medium to large business and provides cover for a range of industries from wholesalers and manufacturers to property owners. This product offers cover for property damage, business interruption, glass, public and products liability and can be tailored to your specific needs.
Residential Landlord
If you have an investment property Landlord Insurance can cover the building, Landlord’s contents (e.g. flooring, blinds, fittings), Loss of rent, Rent default, Malicious damage, Theft by tenant, and Liability.
Loss of Rent: Covers the rent if the property is unoccupied due to a loss under the building or contents section of the policy.
Rent Default: Covers the rent up to a specified period if the tenant leaves before the end of the tenancy period without notice, stops paying rent, or is evicted.
Residential Home and Contents
While your ability to work and earn income is commonly your biggest asset, your home is commonly your second biggest asset. There are a lot of different options with home & contents insurance including full accidental damage cover, insured events cover (e.g. flood, fire, storm), mechanical or electrical breakdown of home appliances, cover for contents away from your home. Home & contents insurance also covers your public & personal liability.
Public Liability: Common public liability claims can include if someone is accidentally injured in your home such as a guest tripping over, or a tree branch falling on and damaging your neighbour’s property.
Personal Liability: Common personal liability claims include if a family member living at your home accidentally injures someone or accidentally damages a person’s property outside of your home.
General Property (Business)
General property insurance covers portable or valuable items that you usually carry around with you for running your business anywhere in the world (e.g. tools & equipment, mobile phones & laptops).

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