Life and Personal Insurance

For most people their most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income. It just makes sense to obtain insurance to cover your expenses, debt, and the expenses of your dependents (e.g. wife, husband, spouse & kids) if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness, or if you pass away. At Stress Free Insurance we provide you with the education you need to make your own choices to obtain the cover you need in a simplified stress-free process.

Not all life insurance products available in the market are guaranteed renewable or fully underwritten. However, all life insurance products obtained through Stress Free Insurance are guaranteed renewable and fully underwritten.

Guaranteed renewable: Cover cannot be cancelled, and premiums cannot be increased due to any change in your health, occupation, or pastimes. Additionally, if your health, occupation, or pastimes change, no exclusions can be added to your policy.

Fully underwritten: Underwriting, including your medical history, your occupation, and your pastimes, is assessed at time of application rather than at time of claim increasing the chance of claims being paid.

Who can be covered:

Anybody earning an income

Anybody with a mortgage, personal debt, or business debt

Anybody with a wife, husband, life partner, or kids relying on them for income

What will be protected:

Your income if you are unable to work due a sickness or injury

Your mortgage, personal or business debt, living expenses for your wife, husband, life partner, or kids

Your ability to continue to pay your daily living expenses, additional medical expenses (for yourself or your child), or modifications to your home

Types of Cover

Income Protection

If you have an injury or sickness and can’t go to work, income protection is designed to pay an ongoing monthly benefit (e.g. 70% of your income) for the period you are unable to work. There are a lot of options available with income protection including the waiting period (how long until payment commences), benefit period (how long benefit payments continue), and payment methods (e.g. from your existing Super fund or out of pocket). We will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right cover.

Life Insurance or Death Cover
If you have a wife, husband, spouse, kids, or other family members that rely on you, they would most likely be devasted if you were to pass away. Life insurance can’t help to ease that pain, but it can bring you peace of mind that at least the finances can be taken care of. Life insurance pays a lump sum benefit to your nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries if you die, or to you if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill. You can either fund the premiums from your existing Super fund or out of pocket.
Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
If an injury or sickness were to happen and you could never work again, TPD insurance is designed to pay a lump sum benefit to you if you become totally and permanently disabled and unable to work again. The lump sum benefit could be used to pay for medical expenses, modifications to your home or general living expenses. There are different definitions for the eligibility to claim on TPD insurance and different payment methods (e.g. from your existing Super fund or out of pocket), however, we will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right cover.
Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance
If you are diagnosed with one of over 50 medical conditions or defined medical events, trauma insurance pays a lump sum benefit to you. Some examples are cancer, heart attack, stroke, coma, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, severe burns, paralysis, loss of limbs and blindness. Depending on the type and severity of the diagnosis, you may be able to work again at some stage, but you could be out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars for medical expenses. Trauma insurance is designed to cover your medical expenses and general living expenses.
Child Cover
Having a sick kid is heart breaking as a parent. Child cover pays a lump sum benefit if your kid suffers a specified trauma condition (over 50 medical conditions e.g. cancer), or dies. This money allows you to take time off work to be with your kid, for your kid to obtain the best medical treatment required, and for you and your kid to travel to obtain better treatment if necessary.
Business Expenses Cover
This cover is designed to complement income protection for business owners and to cover eligible business expenses if you are totally or partially disabled due to sickness or injury and unable to work.
Accident Only Options
Life & TPD insurance, and income protection also have accident only options. If you are ineligible for life or TPD insurance, or income protection due to your medical history, you can at least obtain cover for accidents.

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